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Само Слога Србина Спасава - (Only Unity Saves the Serbs). Veni Vidi Vici (I came, I saw, I conquered)-Julius Caesar.

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 This Blog Website is Mainly about Me, My Feelings and Opinions, My Family and My Friends.

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 The main page of this Blog Web Site is Blog (majority in Romanian), where you may find the author's view about Mathematics, especialy:  Syntetic Geometry - like Geometric Loci and so on.   You may reply with yours opinions to  proposed problems.

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 This site is absolutely personal and was entirely developed by me, Mirko M. Mitrov.

 Follows the main informations about me.

 Have a good trip on my site. 

    Yours sincerely Mirko.

           Here is the main Personal Informations about me.


   Curriculum Vitae - In Hoc Signo Vinces.

First name:                    Mirko.

Last name:                    Mitrov.

Date of birth:                May 2 1945.

Place of birth:               Felnac #465-Arad, Romania.

Citizenship:                   Romanian.

Nationality:                Serbian.

Civil status:                Widow. My former wife was Irina G. Mitrov (Marița). 

Children:                     No children.

Home address:           Gr. Alexandrescu street #35 Cluj-Napoca,  Romania.

Former place of work: S.C. Software ITC S.A., Cluj-Napoca subsidiary,

                                    109 Republicii street, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Mobile Tel:                 +40747092865.

E-mail:                        mitrovmirko@yahoo.com.




       Elementary School teaching Serbian language, first cycle, in Felnac.


       Elementary School teaching Romanian language, second cycle, in Felnac.


       High-School "Ioan Slavici", now "Moise Nicoară", in Arad.


       Student at the University Babes-Bolyai of Cluj-Napoca, Mathematical-Mechanical Faculty, Department of Computers, Graduated in 1968 with the general average mark 9,50 and 10 at the Diploma Exam Grade.



       Scientific researcher at the Research Institute for Computer Technique   SoftwareITC Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca Subsidiary, working in the field of Compiler Construction and business applications developed on Windows .NET platform, according to three-tiered client/server strategy, implemented in Visual Basic .NET, using .ADO.NET technology for data access.

       Also, I was involved in the teaching of math and of computer programming activities both at home and abroad.

2004 - Until Now - Retired...

      Trying to grow-up my own Software House: "MirkoSoft". Details soon on my site: "Mirko Site"or "MirkoSoft Site".


      Compiler construction, Programming languages: Visual Basic, Pascal, Programming Environment: Visual Web Developer .NET for Web  Database applications, and many more.


      Serbian, Russian (good), French, English (medium degree).


      Serbian folk music (Lepa Lukic, Predrag Zivkovic Tozovac, Rokeri s Moravu, Old Fenlacki Tamburaski Orkestar...), classic rock and blues. I myself play the Serbian guitar. See at the Videos Page.    


      IT - WEB Programming and Designing, math - especially sinthetical geometry.  


  • Probleme de geometrie, Irina Mitrov - Mirko M. Mitrov. Editura Albastră   Cluj-Napoca, 1996.
  • Limbajul de asamblare ASSIRIS,  Mirko M. Mitrov ș. a, Ed. Tehnică București 1976.
  • Pascal - Programare, Mirko M. Mitrov ș. a, Ed. ITCI Cluj-Napoca, 1989.
  • Cobol ANS-2 - Manual de operare,  Mirko M. Mitrov, Ed. ITCI Cluj-Napoca, 1979.


                           Mirko M. Mitrov - Born Place.


 I was born in FELNAC #465-ARAD ROMANIA, at May 2 1945.


 My father was: MILAN M.MITROV.

 My mother was: MARIA A. MITROV (former MARIA LIPOVAN).

 Baptized, after two weeks, in this local Serbian Orthodox Church, by my godmother young girl, MARIA. She choose my name MIRKO, in memory of my grand father MIRKO SERGEY MITROV.

 I have a sister too: MILEVA M. CUTEAN (former MILEVA M. MITROV).


                          Get Your Own Blog Website Ready.

  Nothing easy, make your mind and for details don't hesitate to contact MirkoSoft software house at the address: mitrovmirko@yahoo.com , then you will be provided with amazing and ready-to-use site.


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